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"The Lion" Chili Klaus + MIDSUMMER©

Artikelnummer 2176678


The Lion - Collector's Edition

What would happen, if there were no limitations? If the goal was to create the best hot sauce in the world, and nothing was off limits?

"The Lion" is the result of a Nordic collaboration between Chili Klaus, Denmark and MIDSUMMER, Norway. The goal was to create the most crazy hot sauce in the world – a hot sauce where EVERYTHING is handpicked from the top shelf. And we just have to admit, that the project got out of hand. Plain and simple.

Chili Klaus has hand picked the chilies, while Alex from MIDSUMMER has handled the 6 months long fermenting process, which is a mix of pressure fermenation and carbonic maceration. The latter method is known from the wine industry, where the yeast causes the grapes to burst and give off more fruitiness and color.

Our result is a wild and unparalleled experience of flavour. We have never tasted anything like this.

The best of the best

But what do you do, when you have this insane product? When you gone way beyond normal in the quest for the perfect flavour. When you didn’t consider the cost, the time or any other ressources. How do you do such a process justice in the final product?

We decided to go all in and agreed that “The Lion” should live safely and handsomely in boxes of smoked Danish oak wood specially made by Tjøstheim Tredesign. The label is designed by Alex Bouché and printed on 86 grams masa-paper from Japan.

Simple yet complex

Every chili is carefully chosen and the product is completely pure and natural. But the good and simple ingredients are processed in a very complex and time consuming way. Through the processing techniques all the best qualities are drawn from the very best chilies, namely the king of chilies – the Carolina Reaper!

So this is indeed one of a kind. This is the best hot sauce – and flavourwise the most complex product, we have ever made. By far.

Only 17 bottles exist, so this is no doubt a collector’s item - all numbered and signed. 

Net weight: 300 ml

Wind force 15/15

EUR 399.00

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